Obsolete and discontinued replacement basins by Trent Bathrooms, Armitage Shanks, Ideal Standard, Qualitas, Doulton, Twyford and Spring to name but a few.




A pedestal basin is so called because there is a pedestal attached below which supports the basin. Sometimes the pedestal does not touch the floor; this is known as a Semi-Pedestal.


The pedestal basin comes with three separate tap-hole options:


  • One tap-hole, where a single tap-mixer (monobloc) would be fitted.
  • Two tap-hole, where traditional taps would be fitted.
  • Three tap-hole, with two external hand wheels (tap-heads) plus a central spray known as a douche.
Pedestal Basin



A cloakroom basin is normally used in a cloakroom where space is at a premium, so the basins are small.


There are two types of domestic cloakroom basin:


  • Standard, rectangular wall-hung.
  • Triangular corner.
Cloakroom Basin




A semi-recessed basin is fitted with bathroom furniture and is sometimes called a shelf basin because:


  • The back half of the basin is built into the shelf.
  • The other half of the basin projects into the room.
Semi-recessed Basin



A vanity basin drops into a counter-top or a piece of marble. There are three main types of vanity basin:


  • Traditional - which insets on top of the counter-top.
  • Under-counter - which is glued or fixed beneath the counter-top.
  • Counter-top - which is fully moulded into the counter-top. However, the front of the basin overhangs to form a continuation of the counter-top.

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