Cistern Lids


Cistern lids come in a multitude of shapes, sizes and colours.

The manufacturer is usually named on the lid, however this is not always the case. The model is harder to find, but there is sometimes a code stamped underneath the cistern lid. For instance, 12020/30 denotes the Twyfords Nocturne model.

Please email me pictures of your lid. Often, I can identify what is required instantly. If the lid is extremely rare and not replaceable, we offer a repair service. These repairs and refinishings can take eight weeks to complete but we have never yet had a dissatisfied customer.


1] Twyfords Nocturne 12020/30 or CX3189 cistern lid in Alpine Blue. ***Note the codes 12086 and 12986 also appear on this lid


2] Armitage Shanks Group 17651 or 1765 cistern lid in Pampas


3] Ideal Standard Studio E8264 F/V cistern lid in Whisper Cream


4] Ideal Standard Studio 825 lever cistern lid in Whisper Cream

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