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If you're unsure which bathroom you have, finding out whether your china is Pampas or Avocado, or Champagne or Ivory, can be time-consuming. Follow our enquiry guide below to find out the information you need to source your replacement china.


You may contact D. Cole Supplies by email or phone with the relevant information to find out price and availability.


If you want to take a photo using your mobile phone's camera, please send it to Jim's mobile: 07900 247 532.


  • The important first step is to find out the manufacturer of the item you need to replace. The name is usually on the cistern lid or basin of the suite. Often the manufacturer and model details are printed on the underside of the cistern lid.

  • If all else fails, accurately measure the cistern lid or basin required and this will enable identification.

  • If you do not know the manufacturer's name for the colour, we can confirm a colour by sending samples based on your description.

  • The style of the item can be identified by simply looking at the shape and specification as explained on this website - just look up the item of china you are replacing.

  • Once you have the name, colour and style details, either call D. Cole Supplies during office hours on 01453 861267 or email your request to: info@dcolesupplies.com


Just a short note to thank you for the Doulton, Vista Soft Cream cistern my wife ordered. It arrived promptly on Wednesday last week and I was able to install it within the hour. This was a great comfort in that we had seven people staying for Easter, and the thought of having to explain to my four and seven year-old grandchildren that the cistern needed to be flushed by lifting the lid etc was quite daunting. Thank you again


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