Toilet Seats


We offer a huge range of toilet seats in many makes and models, in an array of colours.


When enquiring about a toilet seat it is useful to know who made it. Often seats are stamped Celmac in the U.K, this is the biggest toilet seat manufacturer in the country. They make seats for major sanitaryware makers such as Armitage Shanks, Doulton, Ideal Standard, Shires and Twyfords, among others.


The make is frequently named on the ceramic cistern or pan.


The model is harder to find than the make


Sometimes a code is stamped underneath the cistern lid. For instance, 12071 denotes the Twyfords Jupiter model. If you email the code with a picture to me, I should be able to identify it.


Matching colours can take time


If it is white this is simple, however some colours are difficult to identify, especially from digital images. We send out colour samples to ensure matches are as accurate as possible. Samples are chargeable at £5.00 + VAT per colour. This fee is refunded if an order is placed.


It is advisable to send a variety of photographs of your seat as shadows can give the wrong impression. However, we are usually successful in confirming what colour is required.


My top ten selling toilet seats are listed below. I have also selected two more unusual seats, which are obtainable. These are also listed below.




Seat Model, Make and Colour Cost Including V.A.T. and Shipping
Twyfords Jupiter/Rhapsody replica 9” White £110.00
Twyfords Jupiter/Rhapsody replica 9”
Single Standard Tone Colours
Selles Cheverny Resin Replica White £210.00
Selles Anjou Resin Replica White £200.00
Selles Elysees Resin Replica White £260.00
Ideal Standard Accent Resin Replica White £180.00
Ideal Standard Accent Resin Replica Whisper Cream £240.00
Ideal Standard Kyomi Resin Replica White £240.00
Ideal Standard Brasilia Resin Replica White £240.00
Shires Remo Soft Close toilet seat in White £110.00
The Unusual Seats  
Sottini Meridian Centre hinge in White £360.00
Pressalit Scandinavia Plus in Dark Purple £150.00




1] Twyfords Jupiter replica toilet seat in Platinum aka Whisper Grey top elevation


2] Twyfords Jupiter replica toilet seat in Platinum aka Whisper Grey side elevation


3] Twyfords Jupiter resin replica toilet seat in Almond


4] Twyfords Jupiter replica toilet seat in Soft Cream

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